Workforce Development

By 2020, in order to meet the participant demand for core, capital and capacity building supports, the Gold Coast region’s projected workforce need is for 3,400 full time equivalent jobs. 



illustration of group of disabled  workers

This is more than double the existing workforce of 1,350 FTE jobs prior to the NDIS.  This workforce gap means 2,050 new full time equivalent jobs.  With the average hours per week being 25, this will likely mean an additional 3,100 new workers will be required to meet demand.

This new workforce will need to meet both the supply, capability and competence to deliver choice and control and reasonable and necessary supports to NDIS participants.  Having the right workforce at the right time with the right skills will contribute greatly to NDIS participants choice and control of their supports.

Local Gold Coast Employment, Training and Service Providers have contributed to a Workforce Action Plan and the Workforce Development working group will continue to inform the communication, collaboration and connection across supply and demand to ensure that the Gold Coast can meet the demands for a significantly increased workforce.